SBI Clerk Prelims Reasoning Daily Quiz Syllogism Part I

syllogism new pattern questions with answers for sbi clerk

SBI Clerk Prelims Reasoning Daily Quiz Syllogism Part I 50 Questions

Reasoning ability is the very difficult topic among the students, it’s very complex problems and logical thinking type of questions puzzles occur in the examinations. Nowadays they are asking variety of question patterns like easy level, moderate level and difficulty level of questions. So, we are providing that type of question is prepared. CloudPazz is providing you daily quizzes of Reasoning ability with the number of updated questions on a daily basis to keep you updated with the difficulty level and types of questions that may be asked in the exam. So, you must practice with the different types of questions to be in the exams.

Directions (1 – 50): Two statements are given in each of the following questions, followed by two conclusions numbered I and II. You have to take the given two statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts. Read the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the two disregarding known facts.
a) if only conclusion I follows
b) if only conclusion II follows
c) if either conclusion I or II follows
d) if neither I nor II follows
e) if both conclusions I and II follow
1. Statement:
I. No Dell is HP
II. All HP are Asus
I. All Asus are not Dell
II. Some Dell are not Asus

2. Statement:
I. Some Apple are Android
II. All Mobile are Android
I. No Mobile is Apple
II. Some Apple are Mobile

3. Statement:
I. All Fruits are Vegetables
II. Some Fruits are Nuts
I. Some Nuts are Vegetables
II. Some Vegetables are Fruits

4. Statement:
I. All Acer are Lenovo
II. All Apple are Acer
I. All Lenovo are Apple
II. All Apple are Lenovo

5. Statement:
I. No Orange is Banana
II. Some Banana are Grapes
I. Some Orange are not Grapes
II. Some Banana are not Orange

6. Statement:
I. No Stick is Bat
II. All Bat are Ball
I. All Stick can be Ball
II. Some Ball are not Stick

7. Statement:
I. All Pen are Pencil
II. No Paper is Pencil
I. Some Pen are not Pencil is a Possibility
II. Some Pencil are Pen

8. Statement:
I. No Book is Paper
II. No Book is Pen
I. Some Pen are not Paper
II. All Paper can be Pen

9. Statement:
I. Some Cup are Buckets
II. Some Buckets are Pencils
I. Some Pencils are Cup
II. No Pencil is Cup

10. Statement:
I. All Coin are Money
II. Some Money are Paisa
I. All Coin are Paisa
II. Some Paisa are Money

11. Statement:
I. Some Heroes are Villains
II. All Heroes are Joker
I. Some Jokers are not Villains
II. All Joker are Heroes

12. Statement:
I. All Source are Code
II. Some File are Source
I. Some codes are file
II. Some file are not code

13. Statement:
I. No Bulb is LED
II. Some Bulb are Tube
I. Some Tube are not LED
II. All LED cab be Tube

14. Statement:
I. Some Red are Blue
II. All Red are Yellow
I. Some Yellow are not Blue
II. Some Blue can be Yellow

15. Statement:
I. No Black is Red
II. All Red is White
I. Some White are not Black is a possibility
II. Some White are not Black

16. Statement:
I. All Wood are Glass
II. Some Tiles are Wood
I. No Tiles are Glass
II. Some Glass are not Tiles

17. Statement:
I. All Network are Airtel
II. Some Network are Jio
I. Some Jio can be Airtel
II. All Airtel can be Network

18. Statement:
I. Some SIM are Vodafone
II. All SIM are Airtel
I. All Airtel can be Vodafone
II. Some Vodafone are Airtel

19. Statement:
I. Some Oil are Water
II. No Water is Milk
I. Some Milk are not Water
II. Some Milk are not Oil

20. Statement:
I. All Dish are Veg
II. Some Veg are Non-veg
I. All Dish are Non-Veg is a possibility
II. No Non-Veg is Dish

21. Statement:
I. All Server are Proxy
II. All Proxy are Prototype
I. Some Prototype can be Server
II. All Prototype are Server

22. Statement:
I. Some Pc are Laptop
II. No Pc is Mobile
I. Some Laptop are PC
II. Some Laptop are not Mobile

23. Statement:
I. All CD are DVD
II. No DVD are Flappy
I. Some Flappy are not CD
II. No CD is Flappy

24. Statement:
I. Some Digits are Number
II. No Characters are Digits
I. Some Numbers are Character
II. Some Characters are not Number

25. Statement:
I. All Code are Script
II. Some Script are Language
I. All Language are Code is a possibility
II. Some Script are Code

26. Statement:
I. No Image is File
II. Some Files are Clipboard
I. Some Clipboard are not Image
II. All Image can be Clipboard

27. Statement:
I. Some Notes are Test
II. All Notes are Content
I. No Content is Notes
II. All Test can be Content

28. Statement:
I. Some City are Town
II. Some Town are Village
I. No Village is City is a possibility
II. All City can be Village

29. Statement:
I. No Video is Audio
II. Some Document are Audio
I. Some Video are not Document
II. No Document is Video

30. Statement:
I. Some PDF are Word
II. Some Sheets are PDF
I. Some Word are Sheets
II. Some Sheets are PDF

31. Statement:
I. Some Tools are Stationery
II. All Stationery are Item
I. Some Items are not Tool
II. All Tools are Item

32. Statement:
I. Some Pliers are Hook
II. No Hook is Lock
I. Some Lock are not Pliers
II. Some Pliers are not Lock

33. Statement:
I. All Folder are File
II. Some Folder are Paper
I. All Paper are File
II. All File are Folder

34. Statement:
I. Some Function are Keyword
II. All Keyword are Classes
I. Some Function are not Classes
II. All Classes can be Function

35. Statement:
I. No Science is Subject
II. All English are Subject
I. Some English are not Science
II. No Science is English

36. Statement:
I. All Digits are Letter
II. All Number are Symbols
I. Some Symbols are Letter
II. Some Letter are not Symbol

37. Statement:
I. All String are Folder
II. All Folder are Paper
I. No Pencil is Paper
II. All Paper can be Pencil

38. Statement:
I. Some Batteries are USB
II. All Adapter are USB
I. No USB is Batteries
II. Some USB are not Adapter

39. Statement:
I. All Adapter are Headphones
II. Some Phone are Headphones
I. Some Headphones are Adapter
II. Some Adapter are not Headphone is a possibility

40. Statement:
I. All Bedsheet are Pillow
II. Some Clothes are Bedsheet
I. Some Clothes are Pillow
II. Some Pillow are not Clothes

41. Statement:
I. Some Banner are Slider
II. All Slider are Carousel
I. Some Carousel are Banner
II. Some Carousel are Slider

42. Statement:
I. All Country are World
II. All Universal are Galaxy
I. Some Galaxy are not Country
II. All Country are Galaxy

43. Statement:
I. Some Brush are Paint
II. All Colour are Paint
I. No Colour is Brush is a possibility
II. Some Paint can be Colour

44. Statement:
I. All Road are Highway
II. All Street are Highway
I. All Street are Road
II. Some Road are Street

45. Statement:
I. No Plant is Tree
II. All Tree are Forest
I. Some Forest are not Plant
II. Some Plant are Forest is a possibility

46. Statement:
I. All Cat are Dog
II. No Cat is Tiger
I. Some Cat are not Tiger
II. Some Tiger are not Dog

47. Statement:
I. Some Sun are Asteroid
II. All Asteroid are Planet
I. Some Planet are Asteroid
II. All Planet can be Sun

48. Statement:
I. No Boys is Men
II. Some Men are Women
I. No Women is Boys
II. Some Women are not Boys

49. Statement:
I. No DB is Oracle
II. All SQL are DB
I. Some SQL are Oracle
II. Some Oracle are not SQL

50. Statement:
I. Some Green are Pink
II. All Green are Colour
I. Some Colour are Pink
II. Some Colour are not Yellow


1. d 2. c 3. e 4. a 5. b 6. a 7. c 8. b 9. c 10. b
11. d 12. a 13. e 14. c 15. b 16. d 17. b 18. e 19. a 20. a
21. b 22. e 23. e 24. b 25. e 26. e 27. b 28. e 29. c 30. d
31. c 32. b 33. d 34. a 35. a 36. c 37. b 38. e 39. e 40. a
41. e 42. c 43. e 44. d 45. e 46. a 47. e 48. b 49. c 50. a

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