SBI PO Reasoning Difficulty Level 2019


Directions (1 - 5): Study the following information and answer the given below: Nine persons are live on different floors but not necessarily in the same order. The lowermost floor of the building is numbered one, the one above that is floor numbered two and so on till the topmost floor. Nine persons have different income.

            Only two floors between P and L, who has income of 20,000 is exactly between the one who has income of 17,500 and 16,500. O, P and Q are randomly living to each others, but not necessarily in the same order. O earns 3000 more than Q and 2500 less than P. One who has income of 27,000 is one of the floors above 25,000 and below 17,000, but not immediately above or below. Only four persons live above L.

            M has income of 14,000 is three floors below Q, who has income of 12,000. K and S live consecutive odd numbered floors from top to bottom respectively. Only three floors between L and S live, S has income of 25,000. The one who has income of 17,500 is two floors above 12,000.

1. M is living 3rd to floor and then which of the following is true?
            a) L lives 3 floors below 14th floor.
            b) P lives 4 floors above one who has income of 14,000.
            c) The one who has income of 17,000 is 19th floor.
            d) All are true. e) None of these.

2. The difference between income of N and P is 500 and then what is the sum of R and P?
            a) 35,000         b) 34,000         c) 27,000         d) 32,000         e) None of these

3. Total number of floors is 29; N is four floors below top floors and four floors above K’s floors. On which of the following floors numbers P lives?
            a) 13                b) 15                c) 17                d) 14                e) None of these

4. The difference between 15th floor and 12th floor is 2500, than K lives on which of the following floors?
            a) 14                b) 21                c) 27                d) 23                e) None of these

5. Income of 17,000 is lives floor numbered 21 is N, who is 2 floor above K, So how many floors below M floors?
            a) 4                  b) 5                  c) 6                  d) 3                  e) None of these

Directions (6 - 10): Study the following information and answer the given below:

There are 12 members in the family. K is the father of P. P is married to I’s brother. D is the mother of A. R has three children. D’s grandfather is married to R’s sister. H is maternal uncle of D and G. P is mother of V and A’s mother. A is daughter of H. V is the nephew of S. G is the uncle of N and A. N’s mother M is daughter-in-law of R.

6. If L is wife of S, then how is L related to A?
            a) Aunt            b) Grandmother          c) Mother        d) Niece           e) Sister-in-law

7. R has only one granddaughter, then how is N related to V?
            a) Daughter     b) Son              c) Brother        d) Father          e) None of these

8. How many couples are there in the family?
            a) 5                  b) 6                  c) 4                  d) 3                  e) None of these

9. B is the son of S, then how is B related to Niece of M?
            a) Uncle           b) Brother        c) Son              d) Cousin         e) GrandFather

10. Which of the following statement is not true?
            a) A’s Grandfather is brother-in-law of K.                 b) S is son of K          
c) N is Brother of A    d) All are false                        e) None of these

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